No more war - GRAMEN Krzysztof Trawiński

GRAMEN - No more war

  1. War
  2. No more


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No more!

A war is an accumulation of our sins,
First the small ones, committed carefully and patiently,
To act as a vaccine.
Then come the bigger ones:
Pride walks boldly into the fire with greed,
Lying with jealousy is wallowing in a mire,
Anger strips even the wise of their dignity.
This is how dirt sticks to our consciences,
Until, finally, the Darkness comes.
War is a fire that people put out with petrol
And it continues until the ruins burn out.
And when the ashes stop glowing,
We wake up from a bad dream covered in sweat.
And we shout with all our might 'never again!'
While our children
They shoot at each other with fake rifles ...

No more war

The single was released on streaming platforms on September 15, 2023.

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